About Us

Black Rocks Boardriders, we believe is a special club. Sure we’re biased. But the community of Pottsville is a pretty cool one. Super relaxed north coast vibe and friendly vibe in the water.
So when we set out to launch this club, we did so with that in mind.

To keep a great culture of friendly surf community whilst creating a boardriders club to share our love of the ocean.

Whose President? Agh no one… yep, we’ve even done away with the President structure as we feel you deserve a great team to run this club. So we have the “Black Rocks Collective” a group of passionate local surfers, some locals born and bred and some relatively new to our community all working together to create a great social surfing club.


Our goal is to create a club where we can all come together to share our love of the ocean, our love of the sport and our community. Whilst providing a platform for education and development for local children in ocean safety, the ocean as an environment, and skills as a surfer

Our Development

There is a lot more to surfing then simply riding a wave. Sure once you have the skills it comes naturally, but getting to that requires a lot of time and practice.

Part of our club is ongoing education and development, from:
▪ Ocean safety
▪ Surf etiquette
▪ Surf preparation (stretching and warming up)
▪ Enviromental issues with the ocean
▪ Stress situations (in challenging situations)
▪ Surf skills

With this we get experts from each area to train our club members on these matters. To become better surfers who can handle more situations and potentially help others in need.